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After Divisive and Unpopular Tax Bill, Maybe Congress Should Try Passing Something that the Vast Majority of Americans Support

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December Polling from Quinnipiac, CNN, Marist, and CBS News Each Find More than 80% of Americans, Including 67% of Republicans, Support a Law to Keep Dreamers in America

With Republicans set to pass an unpopular, deeply divisive and highly partisan tax bill today, we have a suggestion: how about turning your attention to legislation that resolves the Dreamer crisis your President created?

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

Legislation that enables Dreamers to remain in America is urgently needed and wildly popular. There’s a national consensus that crosses party lines. The American people want their elected representatives to formally recognize Dreamers as the Americans they already are. It is not a controversial issue anywhere in America except among Republicans in Congress and the White House.

The results from poll after poll are remarkably consistent. December 2017 polls from QuinnipiacCNNMarist, and CBS News each find that between 81% and 84% of the public, including between 67% and 74% of Republican respondents, backs efforts to keep Dreamers here in America and gain legal status.