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70% of GOP Backs Dreamers’ Legalization: Reminder That Nativist Activists at Odds with GOP Voters and Trump Backers on Issue

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While Breitbart and Ann Coulter may be up in arms about the prospect of a legislative agreement that would legalize Dreamers, it’s essential to remember that nativist activists do not represent the views of a majority of Republican voters, the Trump base, self-identified conservatives, or Tea Party supporters.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll, released this week and fielded after President Trump’s decision to end DACA, highlights that Republicans and Trump voters each back legislation that would allow Dreamers to stay in the United States, rather than be deported.

When asked, “When it comes to legislation regarding Dreamers, which of the following would you most like Congress to pass?”

  • 70% of Republican voters support either citizenship (46%) or legalization (24%), while 20% backed deportation.
  • 67% of 2016 Trump voters support either citizenship (41%) or legalization (26%), while 20% back deportation
  • 74% of conservatives support either citizenship (50%) or legalization (24%), while 14% back deportation.
  • 69% of Tea Party backers support either citizenship (45%) or legalization (24%), while 22% back deportation.
  • Overall, 73% of Americans support either citizenship (54%) or legalization (19%) for Dreamers, while only 12% of the public backs deportation.

See Q25 in the crosstabs for the detailed breakdown of this national poll, which featured responses from 1,976 registered voters.

These latest numbers are consistent with earlier polling on the topic, including a Politico/Morning Consult poll released last week, but fielded before Trump’s announcement ending DACA.

America’s leading businesses, universities, religious leaders, current and former elected officials at all levels of government – even celebrities – joined local communities in blasting the Trump decision to end DACA and embracing America’s Dreamers.

Said Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund:

Anti-immigrant extremists don’t like it and won’t admit it, but passing the Dream Act is the mainstream position in American politics today.  It’s really not controversial to allow young people who grew up in America to stay and keep building their lives here.  If Congress accomplishes this, Republicans and Democrats alike will be praised for enacting a reasonable solution to an important national issue.