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2024 Republican Platform “Makes Official” the GOP’s Mass Deportation Agenda

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Washington, DC — Yesterday’s release of the Republican Party’s official 2024 platform reflects the GOP’s full takeover by Donald Trump and the dangerous radicalization of the Republican Party. 

The first two priorities of the new platform, detailed in Trump’s preferred all caps style, are, “SEAL THE BORDER, AND STOP THE MIGRANT INVASION,” echoing the white nationalist rhetoric that has been used by multiple deadly domestic terrorists, followed by “CARRY OUT THE LARGEST DEPORTATION OPERATION IN AMERICAN HISTORY,” without detailing that deeply rooted immigrants like Dreamers, business owners and members of U.S. citizen families would be included. There is an additional platform priority that advances the false storyline about immigrants and crime, noting: “STOP THE MIGRANT CRIME EPIDEMIC…”

Also yesterday, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) embraced Trump’s agenda for mass roundups and deportations, noting that “the largest deportation effort in history…it’s needed. ” Of note, Trump and allies have made clear their proposed mass deportations would be unsparing, saying “No one should be off the table,” meaning the deportations wouldn’t be focused on those who Speaker Johnson portrays through lurid lies about immigrants and crime, but against long-settled immigrants deeply rooted and contributing to America.

The following is a statement from Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“The Republican Party 2024 platform makes official the GOP’s long and very ugly descent on immigration. The GOP embrace of the white nationalist ‘invasion’ language cements the GOP’s dangerous turn toward mainstreaming a conspiracy already linked to multiple acts of deadly violence. Added to that is the full endorsement of unsparing deportations – a massive purge that would rip apart American families, communities and our economy and is the single most consequential and damaging immigration and economic position of Trump’s campaign.  Donald Trump and Stephen Miller’s anti-immigrant wishlist is now stamped with the full support of a once-proud party that used to recognize that immigrants and immigration are a strength of America. 

On the pledge to conduct mass deportations, Trump’s refusal to answer Jake Tapper’s debate question was revealing and he and other Republicans need to fully explain their plan for the pledged ‘largest deportation operation’ in history and its unsparing focus. Speaker Mike Johnson is on-board, but what about the rest of the GOP – from the 10 candidates who are a part of the new bilingual Show Me Your Friends/Dime Con Quién Andas campaign – candidates who try to portray themselves as moderates on immigration to their voters – to other GOP candidates up and down the ballot? 

Every Republican needs to make clear where they stand. Just like Project 2025, the more Americans learn about the toll and implications of Donald Trump’s dangerous and damaging second-term vision, as reflected in the official Republican platform, the more unpopular and toxic it will become.” 

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