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$11 Billion and Counting on a Border Wall You Can Knock Over with High Wind, Cut Through with a Cheap Saw, and Climb over with a Basic Ladder

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The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, America’s Voice Executive Director, in response to the news that 37 mph winds knocked down a portion of Trump’s border wall yesterday: 

So let’s get this straight. American taxpayers are spending $11 billion and counting on a  ‘powerful,’ ‘big, beautiful’ and ‘impenetrable’ border wall you can knock over with a brisk wind; cut through with a cheap saw; and climb over with a basic ladder?

And we’re shutting down the government, stealing from the military, and seizing property from private landowners in order to do it? 

The whole stupid wall is a wasteful and offensive monument to Trump’s ego and yet another corrupt misuse of public power for the purpose of advancing his reelection campaign.