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ICE Triples Arrests of Immigrants Without Criminal Records; Targets “Low Priority” Immigrants, Those on Verge of Getting Green Card

So much for targeting “bad hombres.” A NBC News analysis of ICE data finds that, “Under Trump arrests of undocumented immigrants with no criminal record have tripled”: Federal arrests of undocumented immigrants with no criminal record have more than tripled under President Donald Trump and may still be accelerating, according to an NBC News analysis … Continue reading »

“The Institutional Cruelty is Difficult to Fathom”

19 Days After the Court-Ordered Deadline to Reunite Families, Over 500 Children Remain Without Their Parents Below, the America’s Voice digital team provides a timeline of the nearly-year long family separation policy. It is available online here. As of today, more than 500 children remain in federal custody, having been separated from their parents by … Continue reading »

The Trump Administration’s Family Separation Crisis Is Becoming a Liability for House Republicans

New Ad In Washington State Highlights Mounting Political Risk for Incumbent Republican House Candidates A new six-figure TV ad buy from Equity Forward Action released late last week highlights the mounting political risk for incumbent Republican House candidates in the wake of the Trump administration’s family separation crisis. The ad calls on Representative Cathy McMorris … Continue reading »

TUES PRESS CALL to Decry Deportations of Mauritanians Facing Slavery, Arrest of Internationally-Acclaimed Abolitionist Biram Dah Abeid

***MEDIA ADVISORY*** Tuesday, August 14 12:30pm eastern Dial in: 877-876-9173; Passcode: FREE Columbus, OH —  An article in The Atlantic is shining a spotlight on the Trump Administration’s efforts to ramp up deportations of long-settled U.S. residents from Mauritania, back to a country where they are likely to face arrest, torture, and slavery.  Danae King’s … Continue reading »

HuffPost: “Donald Trump And Jeff Sessions Are Hijacking The Judicial System To Attack Dreamers”

In his latest column  for Huffpost, America’s Voice Communications Manager and DACA-recipient Juan Escalante calls out Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration for their attempts to bend the judiciary to their own xenophobic purposes. Escalante’s piece is excerpted below and available in full here. President Donald Trump’s “unshackled” agents at Immigration and Customs … Continue reading »

DHS Secretary Nielsen Must Resign

Showing No Shame, Taking No Responsibility, and Doing Nothing to Clean Up the Disaster She Created, She has Failed the Leadership Test The Trump administration continues to drag its feet in reunifying families, with over 550 children still separated from their parents more than two weeks after the court-issued deadline for reunification. Meanwhile, every day … Continue reading »

Family Knows Best: Stephen Miller’s Uncle and Bob Goodlatte’s Son Show Courage Standing up for a Better America

The Truth is More Powerful than Blood Relations White House advisor Stephen Miller and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) are two of the most prominent architects of the Republicans’ cruel and cynical attacks on immigrants and refugees. Yet, family members of both are now speaking out against this unprecedented assault on our foundational … Continue reading »

The Trump Administration Continues to Drag Its Feet and Makes Very Little Progress in Reuniting Separated Families

Despite multiple court orders, the Trump administration continues to drag its feet in reunifying the families it separated.  According to a report to the court overseeing this matter, very little progress has been made in reuniting the remaining children separated from parents, well after the court-ordered deadline of July 26.  Furthermore, in spite of court … Continue reading »

WaPo: “Three reasons Trump’s new immigration rule should make your blood boil”

In an opinion piece for the Washington Post, Catherine Rampell emphasizes yet another unnecessarily cruel drafted policy from the Trump administration that will punish immigrants and their families who benefited from public benefit programs like CHIP and SNAP. The administration’s new proposal, if enacted, will target immigrants and U.S. citizens with immigrant relatives, ensuring that … Continue reading »

On Family Separation, Administration Defies Court Orders and Lies, While Congressional Republicans Remain MIA

Reuters: “U.S. Reunions of Immigrant Families Grind to a Near Halt” After separating nearly 3,000 kids from their parents, the administration appears hellbent on keeping these families separated – undermining and disregarding court orders, withholding vital information, and ignoring the American people’s outcry. Meanwhile, congressional Republicans continue to twiddle their thumbs. Yesterday, in the midst … Continue reading »

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