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America’s Voice TWEETS: House Democrats Introduce the Dream and Promise Act! Local Voices Call on GOP Senators to Stand with Constitution and American People Against Trump’s Border Wall Power Grab Greg Sargent of Wash Post: How Emergency Declaration Power Grab Fits into Trump’s Ugly Re-election Strategy: Close ranks in 2020, or suffer four more years … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Federal Court Expands Family Separation Class Finding that Trump Administration Separated Families Long Before Zero Tolerance Policy Dream & Promise Act: An Affirmative Step Towards Recognizing Immigrants for the Americans They Already Are A Humanitarian Crisis the Trump Administration Worsened: Wash Post Editorial Slams Lack of US Investment in Central America; Nick Kristof … Continue reading »

America’s Voice What’s Wrong With this Picture? DHS Lies, ICE Under Investigation, Journalists Under Surveillance, and Money Taken from Soldiers’ Pay and Pensions ICYMI: Ronald Brownstein: “Trump Settles on His Reelection Message” English Politico Fearing mass GOP defections, Trump leans in to emergency fight By Burgess Everett and Eliana Johnson March 07, 2019 USA Today … Continue reading »

America’s Voice The Vicious Cycle of Lies, Failures, Cruelty and Hypocrisy That Define Trump’s Immigration Strategy La secretaria Nielsen debe renunciar The “cages” of immorality in migration ICYMI: Miami Herald: House Democrats tie DACA and TPS together in latest immigration push Secretary Nielsen Must Resign Las ‘jaulas’ de la inmoralidad migratoria English Law360 How Do … Continue reading »

America’s Voice When It Comes to Families Seeking Asylum, Trump Once Again Builds Up Hysterical Wall Politics as He Tears Down Policies that Would Solve Root Causes in Central America Manufacturing Border Hysteria; The Facts Show Otherwise English The Hill Border apprehensions spike in February By Rafael Bernal March 05, 2019 The Hill Texas A.G.: … Continue reading »