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America’s Voice At Long Last, Are Republicans Fed Up With Steve King’s Racism — and What Took Them So Long? ICYMI: “Republicans Have Learned Nothing From the Midterms” ICYMI: Miami Herald, “A trial on whether Trump has the right to end TPS for Haiti ends. Now comes the wait.” NPR: A Mom And Her Teenage … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Rep. Filemon Vela, Border Advocates & Immigration Experts Respond to Trump’s Visit to McAllen, TX As Trump Fails, McConnell Hides “¡Mi reino por un… muro fronterizo!” TPS Trial Continues: Blockbuster Emails Reveal Trump Admin Decision to Terminate Haiti TPS was Purely Political, Not Research Based English New York Times Trump’s Emergency Powers Threat … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Mario Carrillo: Those from the Border Should Be Represented When We’re Talking About Wall New Poll: By 52-33% Margin, Americans Blame Trump/GOP for Government Shutdown over the Border Wall National Security and Immigration Policy Experts Address Trump’s Falsehoods and Plea for a Border Wall After a Speech that Fell Flat, the Real Crisis … Continue reading »

America’s Voice What is a National Emergency? And Why Trump’s Threat to Declare One is a Racist Political Stunt Trump’s Manufactured “National Emergency” “Hay una emergencia nacional y se llama Presidencia de Donald Trump” ICYMI: First Day Of New Trial Further Exposes Trump’s Racism in Ending TPS for 59,000 Haitians “There is a national emergency … Continue reading »

America’s Voice El cierre del gobierno augura una guerra sin cuartel Outside Federal Court, Haitian Immigrants and Allies Decry “Racist” Trump End of TPS at Start of Federal Trial to Halt Possible Deportations From a Memory Device to a Racist Rally Chant to a Damaging Government Shutdown, Trump’s Border Wall Has Never Been About Policy … Continue reading »