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America’s Voice Elections Matter: House Democrats Take Big Step On Journey to Modernize Our Immigration System English Associated Press House OKs Dems’ Immigration Bill, Despite Veto Threat June 04, 2019 Reuters House Votes to Protect ‘Dreamer’ Immigrants Amid White House Opposition June 04, 2019 The Wall Street Journal House Passes Bill Aimed at Protecting Immigrants … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Trump is throwing rocks at Mexico and people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones Our Favorite Tweets from the Passage of the Dream and Promise Act America’s Voice celebra la aprobación del American Dream and Promise Act America’s Voice Celebrates Passage of American Dream and Promise Act This is What A … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Trump lanza piedras a México cuando EEUU tiene techo de cristal America’s Voice Recommends Passage of American Dream and Promise Act With No Damaging Amendments WaPo Editorial: “Unauthorized immigrants are overwhelmingly law-abiding. But it won’t stop Trump” Observers Blast Trump Tariff Threat as “Mind-Bogglingly Stupid” and a Sign of Failure and Desperation English … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Office Hours: Immigration Experts Discuss Trump’s Latest Attack on Asylum, Immigration ‘Trump Tariffs Solve Nothing, Make Problems Worse’ And Other Tweets Taxing Americans To Get Mexico To Stop Central Americans:This Is What Flailing Looks Like English Politico Trump weighs plan to choke off asylum for Central Americans By Ian Kullgren, Ted Hesson and … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Hypocrisy or the good economy, two poles that will be put to the test in 2020 Trump Asylum Change Will Lead to More Chaos and Failure New Polling: As Trump Administration Calls on SCOTUS to End DACA, Reminders that American People are 4:1 in Favor of Dreamers’ Citizenship Immigration 101: Who is Mark … Continue reading »