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Newsmax conducted a poll showing that two out of three Republicans support immigration reform. 
During the waiting period illegal immigrants would be granted legal status and a green card in return for paying back taxes and fines, learning English and remaining free of a criminal record, according to a survey by John McLaughlin and Associates of 500 likely Republican voters nationally. Only about 30 percent of the likely voters, who were polled between Feb. 25-28, did not support immigration reform.

         66% of Republican voters support immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship… Asked if they supported an immigration reform proposal that required undocumented immigrants to wait several years before being allowed to apply for citizenship, 66% of Republicans agreed with the proposal.
·         …and report goes up to 75% when Senator Marco Rubio’s name is attached to the bill.When told the above proposal is supported by Senator Marco Rubio, 75% of Republican voters support it.