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The  poll  was designed and conducted by Public Religion Research Institute. Results of the survey were based on bilingual (Spanish and English) RDD telephone interviews conducted between March 6, 2013 and March 10, 2013 by professional interviewers under the direction of Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS). Interviews were conducted among a random sample of 1,2028 adults 18 years of age or older in the United States (415 respondents were interviewed on a cell phone. The final sample was weighted to five different parameters–age, sec, geographic region, education and telephone usage–to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the total adult population.
The margin of error for the survey is +/- 3.1 percentage points at the 95% level of confidence. In addition to sampling error, surveys may also be subject to error or bias due to questions wording, context and order effects.

·         63% of Americans support a path to citizenship. Asked whether they believed undocumented immigrants should be allowed to pursue citizenship, given permanent legal status without citizenship, or deported, 63% of Americans chose a path to citizenship. 21% backed mass deportation, and only 14% supported second-class status.
·         This includes majorities across all political parties… 71% of Democrats support a path to citizenship, along with 64% of independents and 53% of Republicans.
·         …and 58% of white working-class voters. 61% of all whites support a path to citizenship, including 58% of white working-class respondents and 56% of white evangelical Protestants.
·         45% of Americans believe the Republican Party’s position on immigration hurt them in recent elections. This includes 39% of Republicans, 41% of Americans who identify themselves with the Tea Party, and 44% of independents.
·         More Americans trust Democrats than Republicans to handle “immigration” and “illegal immigration.” On the issue of “immigration,” 39% of Americans trust the Democratic Party, while 29% trust the GOP. On “illegal immigration,” 43% of Americans trust Democrats, and 30% trust Republicans.