The courageous Trail of Dreams students are at it again. Having completed a 1500 mile trek from Miami to Washington fighting for their cause to end the deportation of students and the separation of families, the student activists made an even bolder move: they met with notorious Arizona... Continue »
Good news: all three wasteful border amendments voted on in the Senate today were defeated, thanks in part to the tens of thousands of emails, phonecalls, and faxes made by concerned constituents. Continue »
Spending on immigration enforcement has steadily climbed since 2002. It continues to skyrocket. Our new chart shows that spending for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) increased from $7.5 billion in 2002 to $17 billion in 2010. Continue »
A new bi-partisan poll of registered voters across the country shows that Americans overwhelmingly want national action on comprehensive immigration reform. In fact, even supporters of the harsh Arizona immigration law strongly favor a federal, comprehensive approach. Continue »
Read the letter from dozens of Latino, Progressive, Labor, and Civil Rights organizations: "We are writing you today to ask that you denounce the new state law, cancel the 2011 Major League Baseball's All-Star Game in Phoenix, and to pressure teams to relocate all Arizona winter and spring training... Continue »
Hart Research Partners and America's Voice polled four moderate-conservative states and found clear majority support for immigration reform -- even faced with tough odds. Click "more" to see the results as a powerpoint. Continue »
Watch our hilarious video about Arizona's outrageous new immigration law. The state is forcing cops to interrogate, fine, or even jail anyone who "looks" undocumented and leaves their wallet at home. Tell President Obama to stop this law and move real immigration reform right away. Continue »
Yesterday, we delivered over 50,000 petitions to Gov. Brewer's office, thanks to you and our partners. The Governor has until Saturday to decide whether to sign this un-American bill into law. Please send a fax directly to the Governor today, asking her to veto racial profiling! Continue »
A new measure in Arizona, SB 1070, would force cops to interrogate and even jail people based on whether or not they "look" undocumented. It would make every undocumented worker in Arizona guilty of a criminal offense, and require state and local police to go after them. We... Continue »
Our nation's immigration enforcement agency is out of control. Immigration agents should not have quotas to round up "easy targets"— moms and dads working to feed their families — they should be going after serious criminals. Watch our shocking new video, and raise your voice. Continue »