As the Department of Justice sues to block Arizona's new immigration law, pollsters analyze the public's complex views on immigration reform. Studies conducted by Westen Strategies and Lake Research Partners & Public Opinion Strategies shed light on where the public stands as the immigration debate heats up. Continue »
Obama's latest immigration speech brings welcome attention to the immigration crisis in America. Comprehensive immigration reform is urgently needed, but with it stalled, there are important, targeted measures -- like the DREAM Act -- that we can pass right now. Sign the petition and ask Congress and President Obama... Continue »
Every year, 65,000 undocumented high school students who have grown up as Americans are prevented from going to college or joining the military. These youth want to give back to the only country they call home, but instead live in constant fear of deportation and separation from their families.... Continue »
"We are a nation in denial about our food supply." United Farm Workers (UFW) have commenced a new "Take Our Jobs" campaign, an effort to call attention to the importance of immigrant workers, and the difficulties agricultural employers have in maintaining a stable, legal workforce. Continue »
In Congress, Rep. Steve King claimed that some people have a "sixth sense" to identify undocumented immigrants, and we decided to take King at his word -- watch and share our new movie trailer, "Steve King's Sixth Sense for Immigrants." Continue »
Our nation's immigration system is so dysfunctional that a Harvard biology major, a stellar student who dreams of curing cancer, is being threatened with deportation... Continue »
Though SB 1070 doesn't go into effect until late July, it's already wreaking havoc on the state's economy. The latest Arizona business to suffer from the controversial immigration law is an already battered market: real estate. Continue »
July is just around the corner, and we hope you will join us in Las Vegas for this year's conference of progressive organizers, bloggers, and thought leaders. We look forward to announcing this year's Netroots Nation immigration scholars soon. Continue »
A majority of Americans who support Arizona's controversial anti-immigration law also support proposed federal immigration reform with a path to earned citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Learn more here. Continue »
With national polls showing majority support for Arizona's harsh immigration law, you probably think these voters are determined to rid the country of immigrants and deny a path to legal status for all of the undocumented immigrants in the U.S., right? Wrong. Continue »