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“You Can Bite Me”: Latinos Definitely Aren’t Feeling The RNC’s Cinco de Mayo Proclamation Today

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You almost have to applaud this. Almost.

It takes some real cajones to nominate as your party’s standard-bearer someone who insulted Mexicans and then release a Cinco de Mayo statement today “celebrating” Mexicans.

We’d been wondering all week if the RNC would dare release a Cinco de Mayo proclamation as Donald Trump appeared so close to clutching the GOP Presidential nomination in his totally-normal-sized orange hands.

And, sure enough, there it was from the Republican National Committee earlier today:

“We celebrate Cinco de Mayo to honor the many ways Mexican-Americans have for generations enriched our country’s culture. With a commitment to faith, family, and the belief that hard work will help you achieve the American Dream, Mexican-Americans have strengthened our nation. And we express our deep gratitude to those who are proudly serving in our armed forces and defending our freedoms.”

“I want to wish a happy Cinco de Mayo to all who are celebrating,” said Co-Chair Sharon Day.  “This festive day is known throughout the country because of the influence Mexican-Americans have had on our culture. Today we reflect on the freedoms we are privileged to enjoy, and I hope Cinco de Mayo will serve as a reminder for us all to keep working to build a future in which the opportunity and prosperity are preserved for our children.”

Sure Jan

As Roque Planas of HuffPo noted earlier, the proclamation — co-authored by RNC Chair Reince Priebus — carefully notes the accomplishments and contributions of “Mexican-Americans,” but not Mexican immigrants.

You know, because they’re the criminals and rapists. But not you, Mexican-Americans, you’re totally cool! As the GOP nominee put it best himself, “Some of them, I assume, are good people.”

Another good eye over at Politico also noted that this year’s Cinco de Mayo proclamation omitted the RNC’s call last year for a “welcoming country”:

“As we look to the future, America must remain a welcoming country that finds its strength in both our diversity and our common values.”

And a year before that, the RNC’s proclamation even made a case for “a serious debate on immigration reform.”

Two years later, the only immigration “plan” their nominee has is to round up and deport 11 million undocumented immigrants and then build a massive wall to keep them out. So much for that.

By next year, we’re guessing their proclamation will probably just be a simple “Enjoy your margaritas today.”

It’s interesting to note that unlike previous years, the statement has yet to be tweeted or retweeted from Reince or the GOP’s Twitter accounts — they’ve kept it confined to @RNCLatinos (possibly to spare them from further ridicule?), where it’s earned an overwhelming three retweets.

Anyway, Latinos are definitely not feeling the proclamation today either way. Some reactions to the GOP and @RNCLatino’s Cinco de Mayo tweet below:


The Republican Party’s nominee for President has sent out his very own totally-not-offensive Cinco de Mayo tweet. Retweet away, @RNCLatinos, @GOP, and @Reince!