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“You Better Run From The Devil” Raury Gives Good Advice To The GOP On The Late Show With Colbert

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Stephen Colbert hosted GOP front runner, Donald Trump, on the Late Show Last night. And while the Trump interview was surprisingly subdued (or as subdued as The Donald can get), it was the musical guest, Raury, who stole the show.

Wearing a Mexico jersey with Trump’s name on the back crossed out, Raury sang “Devil’s Whisper,” which features the hook, “You better run from the Devil!”

That’s great advice for the GOP!

With the #TrumpEffect in full swing, the GOP has a long election cycle ahead. Trump supporters have spent Hispanic Heritage Month harassing immigrants and Latinos across the country, and the Donald still sits at #1.

And there’s no sign of backing down from Trump. During his interview with Colbert, he doubled down on his claim that Mexico will pay for the border wall and that he’s going to deport 11 million immigrants living in the US. And he also said he has nothing to apologize for (not for calling Mexicans rapists and criminals, or his attacks on Jeb Bush and his Mexico-born wife).

Raury Tweeted after the show: