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Women Shut Down Trump Tower

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Dozens of women and their allies formed a human chain and blocked the entrance of Trump Tower in Manhattan yesterday, in response to Donald Trump’s own statements that he has sexually assaulted and harassed women because “when you’re a star, they let you do it.”

Since the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape — and Trump’s denial of his actions even in light of his own vile words — a number of women have come forward, including two profiled by the New York Times, alleging further instances of harassment and sexual assault over the course of decades.

The protesters from yesterday’s action in Manhattan condemned Trump and his backers and conspirators in the Republican Party, according to Gothamist, “for what they described as decades of ‘anti-women, anti-immigrant, and anti-Black policies.’”

“It’s not just Donald Trump,” protester Malika Connor said, according to Gothamist. “The GOP has attacked women’s bodies and our access to healthcare for decades. We are here to say, ‘GOP hands off women.'”