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Welcome.us Launches First Annual Immigrant Heritage Month

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Today, Welcome.us released many videos, including two celebrity spots, in order to kick off the first-ever Immigrant Heritage Month.

One of the celebrity spots features Skylar Grey performing one of her hit songs “Coming Home”. Her video honored all of the immigrants who serve in the military. The video highlights the fact that thousands of immigrants enlist in the military every year and they hold some of the highest-ranking positions in the army. Many immigrants have also been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The second celebrity spot features Sally Field, the Academy Award winning actress, who shared the story of Williamina Fleming, an immigrant astronomer from Scotland. Fleming came to the US with her child and husband in 1878. In the years that followed she became known as one of the best scientists of her time. She cataloged thousands of stars and discovered 300. Fleming also has a crater on the moon named after her.

People are encouraged to get involved this month by sharing their own immigrant stories on the Welcome.us website and throughout all social media platforms using the hashtag #WelcomeUS.

More videos, which feature more stories that celebrate immigrants, can be found on Welcome.us’ YouTube channel.