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“Welcome To The Big, Beautiful Trump Museum”

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Donald Trump made an appearance at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week — sorta.

American Bridge has set up a “Trump Museum” inside the downtown Ritz Carlton — a super classy place, as the man himself would probably say — showcasing a gallery of Donald Trump memorabilia that Donald Trump would probably prefer us to forget about.

“Conventions are about telling stories of candidates,” American Bridge President Jessica Mackler told Chicagoist, “and so American Bridge wanted to take the year’s worth of research we did into Donald Trump and find a creative way to tell the true story of who Donald Trump really is—a con man who scammed regular Americans out of their live savings, a divisive figure who’s advocating a dangerous agenda for Americans and someone generally unfit to be president.”

The items ranged from the ridiculous —  apparently a Trump board game and “Trump Water” have been actual things available for purchase — to the downright shocking.

One thing is clear, after taking just one step inside the Trump Museum: Donald Trump has always been about Donald Trump, and Donald Trump only.

Trump welcome

Some materials from the infamous Trump “University.” In a recent New York Times profile, former managers described the for-profit school “as an unscrupulous business that relied on high-pressure sales tactics, employed unqualified instructors, made deceptive claims and exploited vulnerable students willing to pay tens of thousands for Mr. Trump’s insights.”

The resulting lawsuit, of course, is now before Judge Gonzalo Curiel. Trump has repeatedly attacked Curiel as unfit to oversee Cohen v. Trump because of his ethnicity, an attack that even Speaker Paul Ryan has described as  “the textbook definition of a racist comment.” Speaker Ryan, however, has refused to rescind his support for Donald Trump.

Yeah, that mask below and to the left is NOT SCARY AT ALL.

Trump statues

Some Trump flammables.

Trump merch 2

The Trump board game. According to HuffPo, Trump claimed that proceeds from the sales would go to various charities, “but there’s nothing to suggest any charity ever received a dime.” Classy.

Trump board game

Various Trump magazine covers and books, including one with his favorite recipes. No word if it was a taco bowl.

Trump merch

The disturbing 1927 New York Times article detailing the arrest of Trump’s father following a brawl involving the KKK.

Trump dad

From the Washington Post: “On Memorial Day 1927, brawls erupted in New York led by sympathizers of the Italian fascist movement and the Ku Klux Klan. In the fascist brawl, which took place in the Bronx, two Italian men were killed by anti-fascists. In Queens, 1,000 white-robed Klansmen marched through the Jamaica neighborhood, eventually spurring an all-out brawl in which seven men were arrested. One of those arrested was Fred Trump of 175-24 Devonshire Rd. in Jamaica.”

It’s no surprise, then, that his son has gone on to inspire countless other KKK members and white supremacists though his Presidential campaign.

Below, a gallery of Donald Trump’s hero and inspiration: Donald Trump.

Trump gallery

The Trump Museum even has a large gallery detailing Donald Trump’s outreach to Latinos.

Below, Trump with Alicia Machado, a Venezuelan actress and model crowned Miss Universe in 1996. Machado says that Trump mocked her as “Miss Piggy” after she gained weight and at one point humiliated her by forcing her to work out in front of a swarm of media.

Trump alicia

In an Inside Edition video, Trump tells a horde of reporters that Machado “likes to eat.” When another reporter asked him what he would do if his then-wife Marla Maples also dared to gain weight, Trump replied “I’d probably do the same thing with her.”

Machado says Trump’s abuse led to her struggling with eating disorders and depression for years.

Then there’s the infamous taco bowl tweet mocked around the world. A full 78% of Latino voters have an unfavorable view of the Republican Presidential nominee — maybe he should try burritos?

Trump taco

Trump shortly before ejecting the most famous journalist of the Latino world, Jorge Ramos. “Go back to Univision,” Trump snarled.

Trump Ramos

Totally normal-sized, folks!

Trump hands

Presented without comment.

Trump and pals 1

Trump says he wants to make America great again by bringing jobs back to America. Maybe he should take his own advice?

Trump shirt peru


Trump entrance