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VIDEO: Sen. Durbin Shares The DACA Stories Of Two DREAMers

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Earlier this week, Sen. Dick Durbin spoke on the Senate floor about Father Rey Piñeda, a DACA recipient and Catholic priest.

Like Father Piñeda, the futures of Yuri and Valentina depend on the future of DACA, which could be undone on Day One of a Donald Trump Presidency.

Earlier today, Sen. Durbin shared Yuri and Valentina’s stories, their contributions to their communities and nation, and how he’ll fight to make sure they can stay in the only place they call home.

In a Univision op-ed, Sen. Durbin wrote that “leaders cannot play politics with the lives of these young people—it would be an absolute tragedy to deport them to countries they no longer remember, where they may not even speak the language.”

“I will work to make sure that never happens,” Sen. Durbin concluded, “and I will fight to ensure that everyone who calls America home is treated with dignity and respect.”