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Univision’s Jorge Ramos: Trump Is “Loudest Voice Of Intolerance, Division, And Hatred Right Now In America”

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Leave it to Jorge Ramos to perfectly sum up the Donald Trump campaign in one sentence:

“Donald Trump is the loudest voice of intolerance, division, and hatred right now in America.”


The Univision anchor recently sat down with CNN, where he not only praised the line of questioning from the Fox News moderators during last week’s Republican Presidential debate, but also addressed the attacks he’s come under from the candidate:

Ramos laughed off Trump giving out his personal phone number as “childish and immature” and admitted he was “pleasantly surprised’ by how good the Fox moderators––Megyn KellyBret Baier, and Chris Wallace––were.

“I would never expect myself to say something like that,” Ramos said, “but they did a fantastic job.”

Ramos slammed Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric — popular with a fringe of the GOP base but absolutely at odds with the mainstream American consensus — as toxic:

He told Stelter Trump’s remarks are dangerous, and when Stelter asked if he thinks they could incite violence, Ramos said, “Just imagine what all the people might do with it.”

Ramos and Trump are polar opposites when it comes to how they’re viewed by the Latino community — the former is a beloved figure while the latter is perhaps its most despised.

The two came head-to-head in June when Trump published Ramos’s phone number when the Univision anchor tried to contact him for an interview.

Meanwhile, Ramos has tried to save the Republican Party from itself, late last month explaining why the Trump Effect is destined to knock the GOP off the demographic cliff at the hands of the Latino electorate when the general election comes around.

Republicans can’t say we didn’t warn them.

Watch the video of Emmy-winning journalist Jorge Ramos on CNN here.