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Two Iowa Universities Have Been Targeted With Racist Fliers Within The Past Week

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Donald Trump’s campaign may be faltering, but Trumpism is alive and well.

Police are investigating the at least two dozen white supremacist fliers that were posted on two Iowa campuses this past week.

At Iowa State University, some 20 posters reading “In 1950, America was 90 percent white. It is now only 60 percent white. Will you become a minority in your own country?” and “White students you are not alone. Be proud of your heritage” were removed by university officials.

From the Des Moines Register:

“These posters also depict historical references or messages that could evoke feelings of bias or racism,” said a message signed by ISU President Steven Leath and several university administrators. “… We continue to defend any individual’s right to free expression; however, attacks directed at any individual or group are inconsistent with the principles of the Iowa State community: respect, purpose, cooperation, richness of diversity, freedom from discrimination, and the honest and respectful expression of ideas.

Similarly, multiple racist fliers were posted at the University of Iowa, in one instance intentionally targeting the school’s cultural centers:

A resident assistant Sunday found a bulletin board in a residence hall that had been vandalized using fliers with messages that were deeply offensive to some members of the campus community, according to UI officials.

Fliers with a similarly offensive message were discovered earlier this month on and around the UI’s Latino Native American Cultural Center, LGBTQ Resource Center and Afro-American Cultural Center.

In both instances, the fliers were immediately removed, and university officials communicated directly with the members of the community who were subjected to the messages. The UI police department is investigating both incidents.

A study by the Southern Poverty Law Center noted a rise in harassment in schools following Donald Trump’s candidacy. We’ve also documented dozens of instances of Trump-inspired hate here.