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Twitter Mocks Trump’s Claim That He’s Winning The “Hispanic” And “Regular” Vote

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It’s almost like Donald Trump’s campaign has turned into a real-life Saturday Night Live skit that’s absolutely god-awful but you can’t stop watching.

At a rally in Michigan yesterday (where he also falsely claimed “1,000” people were outside the doors trying to get in), the candidate boasted that he was not only “leading in the Hispanic vote,” but that he was also “leading in the regular vote.”

The “regular” vote? Really? So what does that make Latinos? “Irregular,” like something that happens after a meal that doesn’t agree with you very much?

(Sorry for the middle-school bathroom humor, by the way. Blame Trump.)

We hate to break the news to him, but Latinos love Trump about as much as he loves a strong gust of wind near his combover. Recent NBC News/ Wall Street Journal/Telemundo polling backs us up, with a full 75% of Latinos saying they view Trump “unfavorably,” and 61% saying their view of him is “very negative.”

“I have so many Hispanics, and they love me,” he’s claimed? Not exactly.

Twitter had a field day yesterday after the “regular vote” comment, including some must-see tweets from Latino journalists and commentators. Take a look below for some of our favorites.