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Thousands Send Messages Of Support To Ricardo, The DREAMer Who Shared His Story About Working In A Trump Hotel

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Last week we introduced you to Ricardo Aca, the young DREAMer and DACA beneficiary who works at a restaurant in one of Donald Trump’s hotels in New York City.

As Republicans continue to discuss their extreme stances on immigration and what to do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country, Ricardo’s story serves as a sharp and clear reminder of the contributions immigrants make within their communities.

What Ricardo did was take a stance against all of the hate that is currently brewing within the Republican field, and we wanted to make sure that he knew that people were out there — supporting him and his bravery.

Shortly after sharing Ricardo’s story with you, we asked you to share a message with Ricardo. Here are some the messages we received.

Jennifer, Michigan:

I really respect and admire you for your courage, Ricardo! Your message has already opened up discussion with those around me who have so much to learn about immigration issues. THANK YOU. Keep doin’ what you’re doing… fighting the good fight. 🙂

Rebeca, Arizona:

Ricardo, Thank you for speaking the truth about immigrants and for sharing your story. I am 1st generation in Arizona. I know many people who are hard working like you. I am proud of you!

Ilana, North Carolina:

Dear Ricardo, Muchas gracias for your courage to speak out and for helping to bring the voices of our community to light – to counter the falsehoods and lies about who we are and why we are here.  Mucho apoyo y mucha suerte para ti! Adelante!

Christina, Missouri:

Ricardo — Bravo for being able to speak up for many who cannot are in fear to speak up. Donald Trump is the biggest BULLY I have ever been witness to. I am so proud of you for what you have been able to do since coming to the United States and I know how proud your parents must be. I do not even know you and yet I have a huge amount of faith that what you have done will be the turning point in this horrible and ugly rhetoric Trump spews.When more people see what you have been able to accomplish more will than jump over to our side the The Pro Immigrant Side, The Good Side, The only Side. You are a breath of fresh air and an inspiration.

Michelle, Florida:

Thank you Ricardo for speaking up and your courage! You inspire and encourage others, who suffer from prejudice, ignorance, and injustice to stand up for what is right. May God and the power of love bless and guide you!

These are just a handful of all of the messages we have received for Ricardo. So far we have received over 2,000 messages of support — and we cannot thank you enough! You can send your own message to Ricardo by clicking here, and we will be sure it makes its way to him!