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“The Girl Who Could,” Written by Author and DREAMer Gaby Pacheco

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gaby pacheco“This is the story of a girl who always knew that whatever she set her mind to do, she could.”

That’s how Gaby Pacheco begins telling the story in “The Girl Who Could,” the second children’s book that this young undocumented woman has written. She has become the face of the national movement advocating for the DREAM Act and, just like the girl in the book, she has (and continues to) overcome obstacles to achieve her goals.

She’s looking for a publisher for both books and knowing Gaby, I have no doubt that she will find one.

Those of us who have the privilege of knowing her know about her dedication and the persistence and poise with which she calls for the legalization of young undocumented men and women like her. We also know about her passion for early childhood education.

Gaby was brought from Ecuador to Miami by her parents when she was seven years old. From that moment, she began an academic journey that she has followed to awe-inspiring heights. She has excelled academically, in sports, in music, and community service.

This young woman already has two associate’s degrees and a bachelor’s in education. Without papers, she can’t practice her profession—but that hasn’t stopped her from serving as a tutor for children. Gaby wants to provide musical therapy for autistic kids.

Last year, her dreams pushed her to walk 1,500 miles from Miami to Washington, DC, alongside 3 other young people, to bring attention to the fight for the DREAM Act.

Last year, she became a constant presence in the Capitol, lobbying for support for the DREAM Act (which, unfortunately, didn’t pass).  This year she is still standing her ground, fighting for the bill and advocating for President Barack Obama to grant deferred action and protect young people from deportation.

And through all her struggles, Gaby found time to write two beautiful children’s books. The first, written in Spanish, is titled “En el ir y venir” and the other, written in English, is called “The Girl Who Could”.