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How Immigrant Workers Are Getting Us Through The Pandemic

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Many of us are being advised to isolate at home during this pandemic, but that simply isn’t an option for many farm workers, medical care professionals, truck drivers, janitorial staff, domestic workers, and many others. These workers, many of whom are immigrants, are keeping our health care services and food supply lines running.

That means they themselves remain in danger of becoming sick, yet many don’t have access to sick days, paid leave, or adequate health care. Those who are being asked to stay home or who have been let go may not have access to unemployment insurance or another safety net. That’s why groups like the National Domestic Workers Alliance are fundraising to provide financial support for workers — which will help protect them, their families, and their communities from the spread of coronavirus.

Below, check out just some of the tweets, photos, and stories about immigrants working through this time of crisis, and remember to give thanks.