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Tancredo Offers Full Support for Alabama Anti-Immigrant Law, Attacks NCLR Again

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tom tancredoFormer Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) published his full-throated support of the Alabama immigration law this week, defending mass deportation and human suffering before asking his readers to contribute to such efforts.

Here’s how Tancredo defends the immigration law:

Alabama’s new immigration law, like Arizona’s, permits local law enforcement personnel to ask for immigration papers during routine traffic stops. That is a positive step to help local law enforcement participate in immigration law enforcement.

But Alabama goes further. Their new law nullifies contracts entered into by illegal aliens, an important step in blocking illegal aliens from “mainstreaming” into everyday life in our communities.

The law also forbids transactions between illegal aliens and any division of state government. This is a tremendous step forward in lessening the economic bite that illegals put on state government!

And here is the provision of the Alabama law that really has the liberal media and the open-borders crowd going crazy …

The law requires public elementary and secondary schools to determine the immigration status of incoming students.

Why? The state wants to determine how much money it is spending to educate illegal aliens, which is absolutely reasonable…

If this law is upheld, my friend, it sets up a probable collision in the U.S. Supreme Court, which could lead directly to finally overturning the policy that requires all 50 states to give free public education to illegal aliens … a policy that was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1981 because no “substantial state interest” was shown by Texas when that state tried to deny free public education to illegal aliens.

When Alabama shows how much money its already-strapped taxpayers are spending to educate illegal aliens, the outcome at the Supreme Court could be reversed!

Obviously, Tancredo thinks nothing of mixed-status families being forced to split apart, pregnant mothers being too afraid to go see a doctor, children being too afraid to go to school, public utility companies refusing to serve water to immigrant homes.  Immigrants have contributed to our economy and worked the jobs we didn’t want to, yet Tancredo stands smug in his superior belief that immigrants are a pestilence who somehow had this coming.  His vision of an idealized America is one where all immigrants have mass-deported themselves, and the few who remain are shut out of all basic services, including education, health care, and police protection. 

The former Congressman regularly calls the National Council of La Raza advocacy group “the Ku Klux Klan without sheets and ropes,” a charge he repeated in his letter this week.  It’s ironic he mentions the KKK, seeing how the group was particularly active in Alabama, often working alongside government institutions that helped sponsor their extremist hate.  Those who can’t learn from history, it seems…will repeatedly try to inflict misery and pain upon minorities and their families.

We would advise Tancredo to watch the latest South Park episode (inside joke: Tancredo’s PAC is named “Team America”), where Mexican immigrants decide to return home and the Border Patrol realizes how much they were needed here.  But the satire of the matter would probably be lost on him.