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Taco Trucks Take Over Las Vegas for Voter Registration

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Hungry? Needed to register to vote in Nevada? These folks had it covered.

On the last day of voter registration in the state yesterday — and a day before the final Presidential debate in Las Vegas — local groups lined up a caravan of 35 taco trucks and dozens of volunteers to register (and feed!) Latinos, AAPI, and naturalized citizens to vote in time for Election Day next month.

Local groups, organizers and community members have events planned through tonight’s debate, including a protest in front of the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas today that is expected to draw some 400 workers and their allies.

Earlier this month, three housekeepers from the Las Vegas Trump Hotel issued an open letter to the Republican nominee in the Las Vegas Sun reminding him they “are the backbone of Las Vegas” deserving of dignity and respect.

“Have you ever cleaned a room at one of your hotels?” the women ask him. “How about hundreds of them? We have. We are proud to work as housekeepers so that we can provide for our families.”

More on yesterday’s taco truck action, from NBC News:

“While we will have taco trucks, the reason we are out there is for the last year now Trump has illegally refused to bargain with workers who won a union election at his hotel,” Cancela said. “The biggest message we have sent to him is he needs to come to the negotiation table.”

Pili Tobar, the communications director of Latino Victory Project, said volunteers and patrons of the taco trucks are energized for the election.

“Having these taco trucks around, having music playing and at the same time registering people to vote — and obviously people here want to vote against Donald Trump — there is a celebration of culture happening,” Tobar said. “It is a really interesting mix of emotions, and people are excited and having fun with it.”

“Latino Victory works with partners throughout the country to empower the Latino community, and Nevada is one of our top targets,” Tobar continued.