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Steve King Heckled, Mark Krikorian Runs Back To Office As Anti-Immigrant Response To DAPA Rally Belly-Flops

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First, the anti-immigrant side put up a burled wood podium next to our Fight for Families rally stage.  They roped off some space, and there it sat, empty.  

For hours.

And hours.

While the Fight for Families side grew.

And grew.

And grew.

To the tune of several thousand.

Then some new people showed up to hold signs on the anti-immigrant side.  But their signs read “FAIR has ties to the KKK” and quoted the vile John Tanton.   

Which kind of ruined Dan Stein’s media interview.  

Some Tea Party Patriots stepped in to save the day.  POLITICO reports: “An effort to lead a singalong of the national anthem backfired when the singer forgot the lyrics midway through, drawing jeers.”

This woman tried, unsuccessfully, to shout over the crowd (the pro-DAPA crowd, to be clear):

Steve King got heckled; a staffer responded by trying to record the audience — but the audience was not intimidated:

Apparently, Mark Krikorian snuck out of court and made a beeline for his office.

It was a pretty sad day for the antis.  

And a great day for America.