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Stand With Undocumented Youth and Join Our “Dreamer Dinners” Campaign

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According to officials in the White House, Donald Trump may take away work permits and driver’s licenses from over 800,000 young immigrants who came to the United States as children and currently have no immigration status.

As you probably remember, President Obama created a federal program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) back in 2012 that allowed Dreamers to pursue their dreams here in the United States—the only country most of them have ever known. However, the Trump Administration has said they will likely end DACA. Trump’s top immigration official even told Hispanic leaders in Congress to prepare for the worst in regards to the DACA program.

We’re not going to let DACA go down without a fight, and that’s why we’re mounting an “all hands on deck” campaign to protect Dreamers from deportation and launching a new project we’re calling “Dreamer Dinners.”

Through Dreamer Dinners, undocumented youth and their allies will have an opportunity to break bread with elected officials and discuss the importance of allowing Dreamers to live, work, and drive legally in the United States.

Hosting a Dreamer Dinner with an elected official in your community is easy.

Click here to let me know that you are interested in joining our campaign and I will help you plan your own Dreamer Dinner.

Currently, Dreamers have no pathway towards adjusting their immigration status. That means that they could face deportation if the DACA program is terminated by Donald Trump.

Recently, a group of bipartisan Senators introduced a new DREAM Act bill with that would allow Dreamers to adjust their status and eventually apply for citizenship. But Congressional Republican leadership have so far shown no interest in trying to pass the bill.

So, we need your help to build a groundswell of public support for DACA to ensure the program is kept in place until Congress can pass a bill like the new DREAM Act.

By hosting a Dreamer Dinner, you can show your community that these immigrant youths are just like any other young American and they deserve to pursue their dreams here.