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Sotomayor Watch: 2 Major Strikes for the GOP with Latino Voters Today (VIDEO)

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Yesterday we wondered aloud about whether certain Republican Senators would cease and desist from their
racial attacks on Judge Sotomayor so that, among other things, the GOP might have a chance to stop bleeding Latino voters. Presente.org, a new Latino advocacy group, even ran an ad campaign asking Republican leaders to stop the race-based attacks.

Well, looks like GOP leadership intends to do no such thing.

Politics Daily had a good recap of the day, first highlighting comments made by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) that imply that all Puerto Rican judges vote alike:

Did Sessions actually scold Sotomayor for not agreeing — about the summary judgment in Ricci — with her colleague Judge Jose Cabranes, who Sessions pointed out is also Puerto Rican? I’m pretty sure not all Puerto Ricans think alike.

The answer, to that first question, via Andrea Nill of Think Progress, is you betcha:


Nill also notes:

Sessions slammed Sotomayor as being “unsuitable for the bench” due to her past affiliation with the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund (PRLDEF). Apparently, Sessions didn’t realize that Judge Cabranes also served on PRLDEF’s board.”