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Maddow on DREAMers Pressuring Hillary Clinton: "I Think It's Smart Politics"

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This morning on Jose Diaz-Balart, Rachel Maddow discussed United We Dream‘s latest confrontation of Hillary Clinton calling the tactic politically smart.

I think it probably is smart politics. I think in politics, it’s probably better to be feared than loved and when you take direct action like that, it does make people mad at you. In the short run, it annoys everybody in that room and it certainly annoys the candidate that you keep hackling like that; but those activists are trying to change the political calculation for Democrats.

She went on to say:

Those activists are changing the political incentives for Democrats. They’re giving Democrats a short-term incentive to want as much done as possible on immigration reform just so the hackling will stop. I think I’ll make them unpopular in the short run but I think it’s smart politics.

Rachel also called President Obama’s delay on executive action, “idiotic.”

 There’s definitely a lot of expert opinion of the Democratic Party that believes this [delaying relief] was the right thing to do. Frankly, I think it was idiotic.

Watch the clip here:

Here’s how Carlos of United We Dream described their tactics for pressuring Democrats.