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Ross: Burr Continuing To Stand By Trump’s Side “Shows A Lack Of Judgment”

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If only one image emerged from last night’s Senate debate between North Carolina’s Senator Richard Burr and Democrat Deborah Ross, it’s that Burr continues to remain lock-step with Donald Trump.

Burr not only supports Trump for President, but he also supports his mass deportation policy, an idea that has been widely condemned as the most extreme, anti-immigrant proposal in modern history.

Echoing Trump’s anti-immigrant speech from this past summer, Burr also asserted that any undocumented immigrant who wants to apply for legal status in the US would have to leave the country first and apply. But as many legal experts have pointed out, this essentially amounts to mass self-deportation with practically no chance of returning. 

In second immigration claim, Burr also said he “tried desperately desperately to put together a coalition that can have common sense immigration reform,” when in fact he opposed the Senate’s bipartisan effort to pass immigration reform in 2013.

Ross also called out Burr for continuing to stand by Trump’s side, following release of a tape featuring the Republican nominee boasting about sexually assaulting women. In fact, Burr joined Trump’s campaign as a top advisor on the same day the now infamous tapes emerged.

“It’s very disturbing to me,” she said. “Sen. Burr has stuck by Donald Trump through all of this, and I think that shows a lack of judgment. Sen. Burr has toed the party line even when Donald Trump has crossed the line.”

Click below to watch a clip of Sen. Burr discussing his hardliner stance on immigration.