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In NYC, Romney Confronted Again by Undocumented Youth Over His Vow to Veto the DREAM Act

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Mitt Romney has made immigrant bashing a centerpiece of his presidential campaign. Vetoing the DREAM Act is now a key element of Romney’s strategy.

If Romney thought that issue was going to help him, he misjudged — badly.

Last night, while fundraising in New York, Mitt Romney was met by a protest from DREAMers. Romney has called the DREAM Act a “handout” and has promised to veto the bill should it come up during a Romney presidency.

Via DRM Capitol Group:

Bracing signs saying “WE VETO ROMNEY”, undocumented youth gathered at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City to challenge Mitt Romney yet again about his promise to veto the Dream Act.  They were there delivering a message to Romney during his fundraiser on how he needs to change his stance on this legislation if he is serious about attracting Latino voters, who will be a determining factor in the presidential race. 

After being approached by Sheraton security as well as the NYPD and changing the demonstration around several times, Dreamers were able to make it inside the second floor Sheraton conference hall. Lucy, a Dreamer who was brought to the country when she was 10, made her way through a room full of Romney supporters to speak with Mitt Romney himself.

“Are you going to support the DREAM Act”  Lucy asked.  “I already said, across the country, I would veto the Dream Act” the GOP frontrunner answered.  “I’m undocumented. I want to know then, why are you not supporting my dream?” Lucy inquired.  “Because if someone comes here illegally…” Romney replied, however, was cut off with “But I didn’t come here illegally, and I have a 4.0 GPA” “that’s wonderful” he replied, his discomfort showing a bit.  A Romney handler, perhaps a bodyguard, quickly inserted himself between them, pushing Lucy back.

Watch the video:

It got ugly:

Lucy made her way out while Romney supporters berated her.  They booed and hissed, saying that she was illegal and not worth keeping in the country.  As she made her way out, she heard one man yell “Go back to Mexico.”  She turned around and replied “I’m not Mexican, I’m Peruvian.”

As we noted yesterday, whenever Romney talks about immigration, he mentions “opportunity.” That’s his talking point. Romney has become so vehemently anti-immigrant that he ignores the fact the DREAM Act is all about opportunity. 

This issue won’t go away. The DREAMers are smart, strategic — and fearless, considering last night, Lucy managed to wrangle her way into a high-dollar NYC fundraiser and secure video of her interaction with Romney.