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Rep. Steve King Uses Anti-Immigrant Lawsuit to Fundraise for Reelection Campaign

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Cross-Posted at Jack and Jill Politics:

Today, at an oversight hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Steve King (R-Peanut Gallery) ominously threatened to sue DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano unless she reversed the Obama Administration’s popular new policy to grant temporary relief to DREAMers.

In case you don’t know him, Rep. King is one of the top Republicans on the immigration subcommittee in the House.  From that perch, he is one of the architects of the GOP’s hard-line anti-immigrant agenda.  Always a statesman and a scholar, King famously likened immigrants to cattle, compared immigration to a “slow motion holocaust,” and believes racial profiling is legal.  So now the constitutional scholar is threatening with a lawsuit!

According to Jordy Yager in The Hill, King told Napolitano:

“I do not [accept the use of prosecutorial discretion] when it deals with a work permit that’s ordered to be issued that doesn’t exist in the United States Code. That is the province of Congress. So I thank you for being here today, but we will see each other down the line in litigation.”

But before you take this threat too seriously, you might want to know that Sec. Napolitano’s resolve doesn’t have much to do with whether King can mount a legal challenge; the decision lies with you.

Yes, that’s right folks–with your donation, Rep. King’s flailing campaign for Congress will forgo attack ads and robocalls in order to litigate his way back to 1950.  Anything por la causa.

Check out his fundraising appeal here (click on the image to enlarge it):