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Reince Preibus Tries to Blame Obama, Democrats for Not Passing Immigration Reform

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RNC Chair Reince Preibus pushed his alternate version of reality this morning on “The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd,” when he tried to insist that Obama and the Democrats are to blame for not passing immigration reform, rather than the Republicans.

As Preibus said about passing immigration legislation (h/t Faiz Shakir):

It takes two to tango.  You need partner in the White House, you need partners in the Senate.  You need to find a way to get to some reasonable consensus, and unfortunately it’s not possible with a leaderless White House and Harry Reid, who doesn’t want to act.

Chuck Todd immediately called him out for the claim, rebutting:

The Senate did produce a bill, right now it’s the House has not produced a bill, which is led by the Republicans.

To review the facts for Reince Preibus: it’s the Senate and the Democrats who have been doing their jobs on legislative immigration reform.  Both Sen. Pat Leahy and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi welcomed the GOP principles on immigration when they were released in January.  Reid himself told reporters that “any movement in the House is movement I like.”  Obama has given his OK to immigration reform any way House Republicans want to do it, “as long as it’s actually delivering on those core values that we talk about.”  Chuck Schumer even suggested that the implementation of any bill passed could be delayed until 2017, when Obama is out of office.  It’s House Republicans who have been stalling and refusing to take action and reinforcing their brand as a do-nothing Congress on immigration, as they have on so many other issues.

As the chief of a national political party, it’s Reince’s job to spin the facts.  But he still has to pass the laugh test.

Watch the clip below: