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Reactions to Biden’s Vision for Central American Migration

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The Trump administration created a moral catastrophe and a huge mess at the U.S.-Mexico border and in the region south of the border. This has come at a terrible cost — to refugees, to their families in America, and to the kind of nation we tell ourselves and the world we are.

In stark contrast, the incoming Biden Administration is advancing a smart, workable and humane approach to Central America migration, one that is rooted in our values and recognizes that while this phenomenon affects our border, it does not start at our border. In a recent interview Ambassador Rice and Jake Sullivan detailed their vision, indicating that the administration will:

  • Address root causes so migration is a choice, not a necessity
  • Expand lawful pathways through refugee resettlement, work visas and family reunification and
  • Develop a functional and fair asylum process, including case management programs rather than mass detention

Here are some of the internet’s best responses and explanations to these plans: