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Rachel Maddow Takes on ‘Uncle Pat’ Buchanan for Racial Sotomayor Attack

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UPDATED: New Maddow video up top. AND it’s “melanin” not “melatonin.” Not enough coffee this morning… (H/T to Kai of KaiChang.net, who wrote: just fyi, “melatonin” is an animal hormone, I think you meant “melanin”, the protein pigment which creates the “C” part of “POC” — LOL!)

Rachel Maddow asks why “Uncle Pat” Buchanan is promoting a race-based attack on Sotomayor on MSNBC:


Kos, founder of the progressive blog Daily Kos, argued last night: 

And to remind people why Buchanan has been unhinged about Sotomayor all week:

We’re going to have 135 million Hispanics in the United States by 2050, heavily concentrated in the southwest. The question is whether we’re going to survive as a country.

Yes, Pat, the country will survive the increase in melanin…

The bigger question is whether MSNBC will continue to seek out Uncle Pat’s sophisticated racial commentary.