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Putting Out the Fox Fire on Immigration

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FiresTomorrow’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration reform will likely throw a wrench in Fox News’ latest proclamation on immigration – and butcher a good bit of the conventional wisdom floating around here in Washington to boot.

Last week, FOX News’ Trish Turner said of the upcoming hearing:

This radioactive topic always lights the Republican fires as well, a dangerous political weapon against Democrats.

OK, Trish, point taken – immigration fires up the more extreme elements of the Republican base.

But, let’s not forget that since those fires were lit, the GOP lost control of the House, the Senate, and the White House. Even GOP stalwarts like Mitt Romney have changed their tune on immigration reform.

See, they know the fire is actually burning up the GOP.

FOX need only take a look at the new breakdown of the Senate, the chamber holding the hearing tomorrow, to get the message. In 2006, when the GOP’s anti-immigrant fires were so brightly lit, the GOP had 55 Senators.

Today, there are 41. Actually, make that 40, with Senator Specter switching teams.

Senator Schumer, who is chairing the hearing, chaired the DSCC during the two cycles when the Democrats picked up those seats. Unlikely he’ll be handing Republicans a “dangerous political weapon” to use against his own, eh?

But then again, what do I know? Fox reports, you decide. —

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Check out the America’s Voice Blog starting at 2pm EST tomorrow – Thursday, April 30th- for live blogging of the Hearing.