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Politico on "Anti-immigration-reform’s Laid-back Summer"

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We’ve covered the outpouring of activism from pro-immigration reform advocates around the country this summer. And, we’ve noticed the dearth of any presence from the anti-immigrant side. We’re not the only ones who have noticed. Politico’s Anna Palmer reports on their absence:

Anti-immigration groups aren’t drawing large, loud crowds to their rallies — only about 60 people showed up to hear headliner Rep. Steve King in Richmond, Va., last week. And the tea party groups famous for turning out supporters and firing up town halls ahead of the 2010 midterm elections are much more focused on Obamacare than immigration.

And, while the John Tanton network has been unable to mobilize. They’ve got a lot of excuses, but no game. On the other hand, our side has been mobilized and it’s paying off:

But while the anti-immigration forces have lain low this summer, a number of conservatives have begun to change their line on the issue.

GOP Reps. Daniel Webster of Florida and Aaron Schock of Illinois said this month they support an eventual pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. California Republicans like Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy are showing signs of support for at least some legal status for immigrants. And Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is back making the case for an overhaul on conservative talk radio, which anti-reformers dominated for years.

So far, the megaphone over how to overhaul the country’s immigration laws this month has been pretty much one-sided, with pro-reformers organizing hundreds of rallies, putting operatives on the ground and making sure lawmakers are hearing from local leaders who support the effort.

Outside groups worried that anti-immigration reform activists would make a big push to persuade House Republicans to remain steadfastly opposed to an overhaul to the country’s immigration laws say their fears haven’t been borne out.

Nope. They haven’t showed up. We have. The momentum is on the side of real reform with a path to citizenship. John Boehner better be paying attention.