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Pelosi: With “Donald Trump Act,” House GOP “Auditioning To Be Trump’s Immigration ‘Apprentice’”

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Rather than taking up a comprehensive approach to finally deal with our broken immigration system, Republicans are rushing piecemeal legislation — being referred to by many as the “Donald Trump Act” — that only seeks to cast immigrant families as criminals.

This proposed legislation stems from Congressional Republican leaders bowing to screeching, anti-immigrant voices like Donald Trump, who has been despicably politicizing the tragic murder of Kate Steinle in order to boost his Presidential prospects.

In a statement yesterday, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called the Trump Act “a wildly partisan, misguided bill that second-guesses the decisions of police chiefs around the country about how to best ensure public safety”:

This bill isn’t intended to solve a problem – but rather to demonize immigrants and appease the angry, anti-immigrant, Donald Trump-Steve King wing of the Republican Party.  From The Hill:

A vote on the bill is likely Thursday, according to a GOP leadership aide….The issue has also been highlighted in the 2016 presidential race, most notably by Republican businessman Donald Trump.

As Leader Pelosi points out, Speaker John Boehner had many chances to bring a full, comprehensive (and bipartisan) immigration bill to the House floor for a vote — but instead caved to the anti-immigrant voices of his caucus.

Instead of finally tackling our dysfunctional immigration system and allowing families to step forward, pass background checks, and become known to the government, House Republicans have spent their time maximizing deportations to please Steve King and others:

Americans won’t be surprised that Republicans are wasting precious legislative time on another extreme bill designed to generate a talking point in the increasingly rabid Republican presidential primary.  After all, Speaker Boehner has spent years making empty promises on immigration reform – only to bend over backwards for the Donald Trumps and Steve Kings of his party.

As Speaker Boehner and House Republicans rush the Donald Trump Act to the floor this week, they’re staking their claim to an important title in today’s Republican Party: The Donald’s Immigration Apprentice.  But, the safety of our neighborhoods and local communities should not be a pawn for Speaker Boehner’s latest gambit to hide his failure to act on comprehensive immigration reform.