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Paul Ryan Confronted Again By DREAMers — And Hides Behind Locked Door

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This is the summer of the DREAMers — as countless Republicans from Steve King to Rand Paul to Marco Rubio and Mike Coffman have found out.  Yesterday, Greisa Martinez, a United We Dream National Organizer from Texas who lost her father to deportation six years ago, confronted Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) at a book signing in Colorado.  It’s the second time this week that’s happened, and his response in both circumstances has been the same — “read my book.”  Yesterday, as soon as Greisa announced she was a DREAMer, Ryan’s team swarmed in to kick her out and to shut Ryan behind a locked door.

As Daily Kos writer Joan McCarter wrote this week, “For someone so certain of his policies he wrote a whole book about it, Ryan sure isn’t anxious to actually talk to people about them.”

Watch the video below: