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On House Floor, Rep. Gutierrez Rips Trump For Bigoted Remarks About Mexicans

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As always, leave it to Rep. Luis Gutierrez to keep it real.

Earlier today, the Congressman railed on Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s offensive comments last month, where he claimed immigrants from Mexico are criminals and “rapists”:

For the record, I am not Mexican and I am not an immigrant. Given the rhetoric of the leading Republican candidate for President, it is important to point that out at the start before I am accused of being a criminal, a drug-dealer or a rapist.

To be fair, Donald Trump did not say that all Latinos or all Mexicans are rapists.

Just that the vast majority of Mexican immigrants are rapists, drug-dealers, and criminals.

Clearly, if anyone has firsthand knowledge of Mexicans working illegally in the United States it is the owner of hotels, casinos, office buildings, and clothing lines.

But Trump did not seem to be basing his opinions about Mexican immigrants on personal knowledge.

As Rep. Gutierrez notes, it’s actually immigrants and Latinos who keep Trump’s hotels, restaurants, golf courses, and empire up and running. And as Trump claims immigrants are stealing jobs, he’s actually the one profiting off them too.

As the Chicago Sun-Times noted, “Gutierrez also referred to the anti-immigration wing of the Republican party which for years has been blocking even bi-partisan measure from passing Congress and suggested Trump may have benefited from the work of an illegal immigrant, given his business interests.”

Gutierrez: “So when a hotel and casino owner gets on his high horse about Mexican immigrants, about crime, rape, and murder, let’s think about who is standing between the United States and a modern immigration system based on common-sense, compassion, and the rule of law.”

The video is a must-watch. Check out the full clip of Rep. Luis Gutierrez on the House floor below.