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NYT: Obama Administration Pushing DREAM Act

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Following the nationwide outpouring of activism that led to one Arizona “DREAMer,” Marlen Moreno, being permitted to stay in the US with her family for another year, the front page of the New York Times today tells the story of DREAMers being spared deportation time and time again when their cases become public. 

The impressive level of activism has led Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to become increasingly vocal about passing the DREAM Act and other leaders in Congress have stepped up their work on DREAM.  In fact, the New York Times reports that one administration official said that they have decided to work on passing DREAM:

But a White House official said that the administration had decided against the moratorium, preferring to push for the student bill, which could grant legal status to more than 700,000 young immigrants here illegally.

“Legislation does far more for Dream Act students than deferring deportations would, in that it puts them on a path to citizenship,” said the official, who requested anonymity to discuss an internal policy debate.