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New Polls Show Strong Voters Support For Maryland DREAM Act

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Editor’s Note: To remind you to vote FOR question 4 on the Maryland ballot in November, RSVP for this Facebook event page, and declare that you intend to vote FOR the Maryland DREAM Act.

The DREAM Act is on the ballot in Maryland this fall.

Last year, the Maryland General Assembly passed legislation granting in-state tuition rates to DREAMers, which Governor Martin O’Malley signed into law. But anti-immigrant forces in the state collected enough signatures to put the measure on the ballot. The campaign to defend the DREAM Act is Educating Maryland Kids. Voters in Maryland who support DREAMers are being asked to vote FOR Question 4.

Today, we got some good news today with the release of another poll showing strong support:

Fifty-eight percent say they will vote to uphold an immigrant tuition law while 34 percent say they will vote against it. Eight percent are undecided. The “Dream Act” would allow undocumented students to pay in-state college tuition rates under certain conditions, including having parents who file state tax returns.

Varying levels of African American support help explain the results, according to Gonzales.

Seventy percent of black voters support the “Dream Act,” while only 31 percent support the expanded gambling measure.

Last week, a poll conducted for the campaign found support for Question 4 at 60%:

The campaign to defend the Maryland DREAM Act, Educating Maryland Kids, today released a new poll that found significant majority support for Question 4, the ballot referendum on the Maryland DREAM Act.

Sixty percent of likely voters statewide polled affirmed their support for the Maryland DREAM Act, which would ensure that all students who graduated from Maryland high schools and whose families pay Maryland taxes can pay in-state tuition at Maryland colleges and universities, regardless of immigration status. Another 14% were undecided, with only 26% opposed to the law. Three-fifths of white voters and three-fourths of African Americans voters support Question 4.

“We are in a strong position going into the last stretch of the campaign,” said Travis Tazelaar, campaign manager for Educating Maryland Kids.   “These high levels of support demonstrate that when voters understand what this law is about, and that it’s a simple matter of fairness, they know voting ‘for’ Question 4 on November 6 is good for both our state and our students.”

This is good news. No doubt, the anti-immigrant side are seeing these same numbers and will redouble their efforts to defeat the DREAM Act. As we know all too well, that crowd will stop at nothing.

If you live in Maryland, vote FOR Question 4 on November 6th. And, make sure your family and friends do, too.