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NEW POLL: Trump is alienating Florida Latinos

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Crossposted from Latino Decisions

by Matt Barreto

According to a new poll released by Latino Victory Project, Latino Decisions, and America’s Voice, a clear majority of Florida Latinos – 64 percent – disapprove of President Donald Trump’s performance and 7 out 10 believe the Republican Party doesn’t care about or is hostile toward Latinos. Additionally, more than one-third of Florida Latinos said the GOP is so anti-Latino that they could no longer support the party.

U.S. Representative Darren Soto, State Senator Annette Taddeo, Latino Victory President Cristóbal J. Alex, and Latino Decisions Co-Founder Matt Barreto weighed in on today’s findings and the possible electoral ramifications for 2018 and 2020.

“If the majority of Republicans continue to advocate for tearing our families apart, trampling on the hard-fought civil rights of Latinos and other communities of color, and endangering the lives of young undocumented immigrants by returning them to countries they don’t remember, they’ll effectively seal the fate of their party,” said Representative Soto.

“Progressives are in a good position ahead of 2018, but opposing Republicans isn’t enough,” said Senator Annette Taddeo. “It’s up to us to have conversations with voters, propose smart policy solutions, and channel Latino energy into big wins for progressive causes.”

“Florida had been a Republican Latino stronghold for generations, but attitudes have shifted in the last eight months,” said Cristóbal J. Alex. “Trump has triggered a new sense of solidarity between our diverse communities and a willingness to cross party lines in the best interest of Latinos.”

“Despite being a relatively conservative population, Florida Latinos are showing signs of pan-ethnic solidarity, particularly on immigration,” said Matt A. Barreto, co-founder of Latino Decisions, and Professor of Political Science & Chicano Studies at UCLA.

“More and more, they do not see anti-Latino attacks isolated to Trump. The Republican Party overall is suffering with low favorable ratings. If Republicans do not reject Trump and embrace Latinos, they may completely close the door on reaching Latinos.”

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