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New Music Video From Elena & Los Fulanos Features Undocumented Mom Who Has Not Seen Her Son In 12 Years

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A new music video debuting today highlights the anguish of an undocumented mother who has been separated from her son for 12 years.

The music video from bilingual folk-rock group Elena & Los Fulanos, “Amor Migrante,” features Maryland resident and CASA de Maryland member Rosario, an undocumented mom from El Salvador who has not seen her son José Ramón in over a decade.

As Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, “Amor Migrante” is a painful reminder of the many immigrant mothers who are also spending this holiday apart from their children and other loved ones due to our nation’s broken immigration system.

The video for “Amor Migrante” was produced by Elena Lacayo and directed by filmmaker Ellie Walton, with support from America’s Voice Education Fund, the National Council of La Raza, the National Immigration Law Center, and We Belong Together.

Later today, Rosario, singer Elena Lacayo of Elena & Los Fulanos, as well as Andrea Cristina Mercado of We Belong Together and Lynn Tramonte of America’s Voice Education Fund, plan to hold a press event to release the video and discuss the stories of immigrant mothers in the US.

We’ll update this blog with their stories as soon as it is available.

Below, “Amor Migrante,” the new music video from Elena & Los Fulanos.