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New Ad Features Audio of Crying Children, Calls on Congress to Stand Up to TRump

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Donald Trump’s policies have real consequences for real people — that’s the point of a new ad by Tom Steyer, head of NextGen America.

The ad features viral audio of migrant children crying in detention centers after being separated from their parents. The full version of the audio, obtained by ProPublica, involves children crying for their parents while an agents jokes that “we have an orchestra in here”.

The rest of Steyer’s ad intones, “terrible things happen when you leave a lawless president in power.”

It continues, “Donald Trump is unfit for his office. Call Congress now. If they won’t stand up to him, they’re just as responsible as he is.”

So far, Congressional Republicans have not done anything to stop children from being separated from their families, and not done anything to stand up to Trump’s massively destructive immigration agenda as a whole. In fact, this week House Republicans may vote on a bill that doesn’t address the issue of family separation, and instead enacts a Trump-based agenda that involves building the border wall, leaving children in jail for longer periods of time, and deporting immigrants without due process.

Politico reports that the ad buy is in the seven figures and will air on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox during the world cup.

NextGen America is also spending $1 million on legal fees for immigrants facing deportation.

Watch the full ad below: