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Did Nevada AG Adam Laxalt Really Hide In His Office From Immigrant Families Last Week?

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While Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt apparently didn’t have a couple minutes to spare for the immigrant families he’s putting at risk of deportation, he did have time for lights, cameras and press.

It all started when immigrant families and PLAN advocates tried to meet with Laxalt in the wake of the Supreme Court’s tie ruling in the DAPA/DACA+ lawsuit.

It was Laxalt who signed Nevada onto the partisan stunt — making it the 26th and final state to do so — even though Nevada is about 27% Latino and home to some 66,000 undocumented immigrants who would be eligible for deportation relief under DAPA and DACA+.

As a result of Laxalt’s actions, tens of thousands of Nevada families are now at risk of deportation from the only place they call home — and millions more around the nation are at risk, too.

So when immigrant families trekked to his office last week to confront him about the lawsuit and court decision, they found themselves getting shooed away by Laxalt’s staff.

“They don’t know where he is, he’s not here,” a PLAN member says in the Facebook Live video captured by AV’s Viridiana Vidal following PLAN’s press conference. Another video shows a staffer telling an emotional 10-year-old Yovanna, “Sorry, he’s not here right now.”

But as described in the video, reporters then left PLAN’s press conference to go back upstairs to Laxalt’s office because — you guessed it — his staff had invited them back to talk to Laxalt.

“He was sitting in his office the whole time,” says the PLAN member. Footage of one of those resulting interviews was captured by Vidal here.

It’s been so clear for months now what Laxalt’s true priority is — himself. Click on this link to watch the video of PLAN members discussing their experience.

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10-year-old Yovanna becomes emotional over the possibility of her family becoming separated.
10-year-old Yovanna becomes emotional over the possibility of her family becoming separated.