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Nearly 150 Congressional Democrats Sign Letter Demanding An End To ICE Raids Targeting Central American Refugees

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An overwhelming majority of the House’s Democratic Caucus has signed a letter asking President Obama to “halt the current enforcement actions towards Central American mothers and children” and present a “comprehensive refugee solution” to the families seeking refuge in the United States.

“We strongly condemn the Department of Homeland Security’s recent enforcement operation targeting refugee mothers and children from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala,” reads the letter. “The DHS operation has generated widespread fear and panic in immigrant communities and has far-reaching impacts beyond the alleged targets for removal.”

“The operation raises numerous due process concerns including meaningful access to legal counsel for mothers and children after apprehension and DHS officers reportedly using deceptive tactics to gain entrance into private residences.

“For these reasons and others, we believe that this operation should be immediately suspended until we can ensure no mother or child will be sent back to a country where they would face persecution, torture or death.”

The letter — spearheaded by Representatives Zoe Lofgren, Lucille Roybal-Allard, and Luis Gutiérrez — comes as Democratic Presidential candidates and immigration advocates alike have condemned the Obama Administration for ICE raids that have caused terror and fear in communities across the nation.

Reps. Lofgren, Roybal-Allard, and Gutiérrez announced the letter — signed by 146 Democratic members of the House — at a press conference yesterday, and were joined by House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer and Rep. Jan Schakowsky.

The letter to President Obama demanding an end to ICE raids targeting Central American families is available in its entirety to read here.