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NC Teachers Demand ICE Release Teen Facing Imminent Deportation To Central America

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Earlier today we told you the urgent news about Wildin Acosta, a North Carolina teenager facing imminent deportation to Honduras.

Wildin is one of the 800 teenagers who arrived as unaccompanied children and have been detained and/or deported by ICE since October. He fled gang violence and death, and now ICE is putting his life in danger by trying to return him to the very terror he fled from.

North Carolina community members and advocates are working furiously to try and help Wildin. Several teachers from his high school have recorded emotional videos praising him and urging ICE to immediately stop his deportation. Other advocates are also tweeting about the emotional toll ICE raids have been taking on other young students like Wildin, and are urging an end to raids and deportations of other young people fleeing violence.

We can help Wildin by calling DHS immediately at 202-282-8203 and telling them to stop Wildin’s deportation!