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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, November 12, 2013

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Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nevada) By Sean Whaley, Laura Myers, Ed Vogel, and Ben Botkin: Political Eye: Heck targeted on immigration reform

NBC Latino By Suzanne Gamboa: Immigration advocates press on despite House GOP No. 3 nixing legislation for the year

International Business Times By Laura Matthews: Immigration Reform News: Advocates Say Bill Isn’t Dead ‘Until We Say So’

Fusion: Top Republican By Jordan Fabian: Immigration ‘Dead’ if Not Done Early Next Year

Politico By Reid J. Epstein and Seung Min Kim: White House seeks Republican immigration help

Huffington Post By Elise Foley: Immigration Reform Backed By Voters In Republican-Led Swing Districts, Poll Shows

BuzzFeed By John Stanton: Can Irish-Americans Convince Republicans To Embrace Immigration Reform?

The Hill By Rebecca Shabad: Diaz-Balart: Immigration reform “dead” if not passed soon

The Hill By Jonathan Easley: Obama: ‘Price to pay’ for immigration block

Fox News Latino By Elizabeth Llorente: National Conservative Leader’s Hunger Strike For Immigration Reform Spawns Similar Efforts

Los Angeles Times: Study By Emily Alpert Reyes: Local immigration policing efforts caused few exits from U.S.

Bakersfield Californian (California) By Brana Vlasic: Analysis: Lack of immigration reform endangers California House Republicans

Minneapolis Star-Tribune (Minnesota) By Jim Adams: Minnesota veterans, immigrants call for immigration reform

Los Angeles Times (Opinion) By Frank Keating: What would Reagan do?

The Hill (Opinion) By Fernando Espuelas: Rep. Diaz-Balart: Latino face of GOP’s immigration reform blockade

Politico (Opinion) By Roger Simon: President Obama needs legacy, GOP needs votes

Atlantic Wire by Allie Jones: Obama Administration Doesn’t Know How to Pass Immigration Reform

Huffington Post (Blog) By Kristian Ramos: Memo to House GOP Leadership: No Excuse for Inaction on Immigration Reform

MSNBC (Maddow Blog) By Steve Benen: Christie ducks on immigration

Talking Points Memo by Catherine Thompson: GOP Rep: Immigration Reform ‘Dead’ Unless Passed Early In 2014

Raw Story by Arturo Garcia: Rep. Luis Gutierrez rips both parties: ‘Shame on all of us’ for neglecting immigration reform

Daily Kos by Hunter: Chris Christie goes on Sunday shows to vigorously deny having opinions on things

The Slog at The Stranger by Paul Constant: Chris Christie Looks Like Mitt Romney on Immigration Reform

Irish Central by James O’Shea: The top Irish chef in the U.S. reveals he was once undocumented in America

Huffington Post (Blog) By Michael Keegan: Virginia Election Shows, Once Again, What Happens When Republicans Turn Their Backs on Latinos