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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, May 9, 2014

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Wall Street Journal: Activists Turn Up Heat on Democrats Over Deportations
By Laura Meckler

Associated Press: Holder: ‘Troubling’ reports of school districts making it tough to enroll immigrant children
By Kimberly Hefling

USA Today: White House: Don’t discourage undocumented from schools
By Alan Gomez

Huffington Post: Administration Combats Policies That Keep Undocumented Students Out Of Schools
By Elise Foley and Ryan J. Reilly

New York Times: Districts Told Not to Deny Students Over Immigration
By Julia Preston

Washington Post: Obama administration updates education guidelines for undocumented immigrant students
By David Nakamura

Politico: Feds: Schools can’t shut out undocumented immigrants
By Caitlin Emma

Bloomberg News: Holder Warns Public Schools Not to Block Undocumented Students
By Del Quentin Wilber

The Hill: Obama flexing his executive muscle on immigration reform
By Benjamin Goad

The Hill: Obama: GOP ‘stubbornly refused’ to move on immigration
By Justin Sink

U.S. News & World Report: Republicans Believe Obama Will Stop Deportations Without Them
By Lauren Fox

Slate: Will Republicans Try to Impeach President Obama?
By Dave Weigel

Fox News Latino: Secretary Johnson Meets With Groups On Both Ends Of The Immigration Debate

Fusion: A Ray of Hope for a More Humane Deportation Policy?
By Ted Hesson and Jordan Fabian

Politico: Poll: Immigration’s role negligible for Renee Ellmers
By: Seung Min Kim

The Hill: Ranking Democrat seeks legal status for illegal immigrants in military
By Kristina Wong

U.S. News & World Report: Foreign Brain Drain a Call for Immigration Reform, Some Say
By Allie Bidwell

Huffington Post: Immigration Hardliner Looks To ‘Frozen’ To Make His Case
By Roque Planas

Chicago Tribune (Illinois): Emanuel, Gutierrez expect immigration reform this year
By Katherine Skiba

Omaha World-Herald (Nebraska): Key architect of Arizona immigration law backs Osborn’s Senate bid
By Roseann Moring

Omaha World-Herald (Nebraska): Dan Frei, attacked on immigration, calls Lee Terry’s flier a bald-faced lie
By Maggie O’Brien

News Tribune (Washington): Congressman Smith introduces immigration detention bill in light of hunger strike
By Alexis Krell

Associated Press (Kansas): Kansas district named in immigration status report

Associated Press (District of Columbia): 2 DC schools investigated on immigrant enrollment

Washington Post (Plum Line): Morning Plum: GOP giving up on fixing Latino problem before 2016
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Right Turn): Nope, immigration reform and Common Core aren’t toxic
By Jennifer Rubin

The Hill (Congress Blog): Only President Obama can secure the Latino vote for democrats
By Oscar Chacon and Arturo Carmona

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Panama Can School U.S. on Immigration
By Raul Gallegos

New York Times (Opinion): Immigrants Working While They Wait
By Lawrence Downes

Chicago Tribune (Illinois — Opinion): Mother’s Day wish: Humane immigration rules
By Carole Segal